Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tip of the Day - Where's the Clipboard in XP?

When using the copy/cut & paste features on a computer there can be times that it will become confused. This happens most often when working with remote connections, such as Remote Desktop. This also can happen when using VM software.

I have needed on occasion, the ability to clear the clipboard and start with a fresh copy/cut & paste session. Here is how I go about doing this.

  • In Windows XP – Microsoft removed the shortcut to the clipboard from the Start menu.
  • So, I created my own on the Desktop.
  • Right click on the Desktop.
  • Goto New -> Shortcut.
  • Item location is – C:\windows\system32\clipbrd.exe
    • Change Windows path to correct drive.
  • Give the Shortcut a name.
  • Finish

Now whenever you need to quickly view the contents or delete the contents of the clipboard – you can.


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